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CADFEM – Simulation Platform

CADFEM Simulation Conference 2021

As a leading expert in several integration solution, XPLM offers a connector from simulation to multi-discipline design and to the full product lifecycle. Visit us at our virtual booth of the CADFEM and learn more about how our integration enable access to simulation results across the enterprise and therefore impacting productivity.

Technology & Innovation

MCAD-ECAD Collaboration

PLM-based solutions for cross-domain engineering Whitepaper

Yes, CAD data can be exchanged directly within the framework of interdisciplinary collaboration. The positive impact on the innovation process that the combination of a mechatronic PLM data model and intelligent CAD-PLM connectors has is, however, unbeatable.


Membership IPC Consortium


The Digital Product Model Exchange Stadrard (DPMX) simplifies Circuit Board Designers and subcontractors their tasks, as it notably simplifies the exchange of data. Therefore, it is quite understandable that XPLM stands up for this standard.

Webinars & Events

SAP PLM Info Days

SAP PLM Infodays 2021

As a leading expert for the integration of hardware design environments into SAP PLM, XPLM is a certified SAP partner. Visit our virtual booth and exchange with our experts. We will also be there with an XPLM presentation!

Reference Customer

PLM changeover in a rapid tempo


Both the migration of the EPLAN workstations from Siemens Teamcenter to PTC Windchill as well as the integration of the EPLAN workstations in PTC Windchill was completed much faster than planned. The specification: The new interface should work as well as its predecessor and the PLM architecture needs to support the globally distributed sites in managing their compliance-compliant product versions that deviate from the standard.

Webinars & Events

Siemens PLM Connection

Siemens PLM Connection 2021

As a long-standing partner, XPLM offers high-quality integration solutions for a wide range of Siemens products. At the 2-day conference, you will have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with our experts.


Apprentice IT Specialist for Application Development

Engineers Talking

You are strongly interested in technical and economical topics? Additionally you are passionate about IT-systems and would like to work in an experienced team and gain keen knowledge in the area of software development and PLM? Join us and be provided with a long-term prospect for your professional future.

Webinars & Events

PTC Partner Webinar

TriStar PTC Partner Webinar

In our webinar, we will show you how productive you can be when you link your ECAD tools directly to a PLM system via Integrate2, using PTC Windchill as an example.