PLM/CAD migration and conversion – safe and efficient, from source to target

When a company is deciding to migrate its existing data from an existing CAD or PLM system to a new system landscape, this is usually for one or more of these reasons:

  1. The functionality required exceeds that of the existing CAD or PLM system
  2. A harmonised system landscape is desired
  3. The existing system is no longer being developed by its manufacturer
  4. Work processes need to be made more efficient to save costs in the future

Problems with Data Migration

The biggest problem with a system changeover is accurate and verified data migration and conversion, which can, in the worst case, lead to the loss of vital information.  

We can provide support during this process of converting CAD data and migrating metadata and documents between systems.

Advantages of Working with XPLM

What makes XPLM data migration and conversion special is the migration that runs parallel to productive operation and integrated and automated verification, so that no operational downtime is required – unlike with other migration approaches. As a result, we can migrate data from more than a million CAD documents from project start to full production operation, quickly, and with zero downtime and risks.

Migration Tools Used

For CAD data migration projects, we use our internally developed XPLM bulk loader, which takes care of the automated export and import of geometry and metadata. XPLM also works closely with Elysium: a leading software company in 3-D geometry processing and data translation. We use their CADfeature and CADdoctor applications to ensure high quality in the converted CAD data.

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