Oracle Agile EDM Integration

Together with Oracle XPLM established the “Joint Competency Centre for CAD Integrations” (J2CI). This centre is focused on delivering solutions related to MCAD and PLM integration. XPLM supports a wide range of best in class connectors between multiple CAD authoring systems and Oracle’s Agile EDM.

As an Oracle certified partner XPLM now offers a next generation of CAD integrations for Oracle Agile EDM, based on the XPLM Integration Platform. The CAD connectors offer engineers an effective and intuitive integration with Oracle Agile EDM. Data and structures of both CAD and PLM are integrated, providing the ability for bi-directional exchange of CAD files, documents, classification, BOM and much more.

The initial PLM-System 'CADIM EDB' progressed into the contemporary Oracle Agile EDM by gaining additional applications and changing names from CADIM EDB to axalant, Eigner PLM, Agile e5, Agile e6 and finally to Oracle Agile EDM.

Download our platform matrix with detailed information about the software versions.