Aras Innovator Integration

Central data pool for company-wide product information

In order to bring innovative products with intelligent functions faster to the market, a continuous flow of information within cross-domain engineering processes is needed nowadays.  Integration solutions for disciplines such as mechanics and simulation, electronics, electrical engineering and software in PLM make the digital exchange of information at a central location possible. This significantly improves collaboration across systems and organizations. Shorter lead times mean greater profitability from innovation projects.

Our intelligent solutions for the direct integration of a wide range of systems into Aras Innovator can be flexibly adapted to user processes. Designers can then carry out their routine work much faster within their usual engineering environment thanks to full automation. Numerous functions trace the development history and support the construction of digital twins.

XPLM has been a certified independent software vendor for Aras since 2012. All Aras PLM integration solutions are sold as partner products via the Aras price list.

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Electronics, electrical CAD (ECAD) and mechanics (MCAD) integrations for Aras Innovator

Aras Innovator combines the engineering data in different domains into a mechatronic data model and makes the necessary connections. Specialist areas such as quality management, production, and procurement can easily be involved in the innovation process at an early stage. In this way, downstream adjustments and production errors can be minimized.

Our platform matrix provides detailed information about available integration solutions and the brochure presents exploitable potentials.

Functionalities of the Aras CAD Integration Platform

  •  Icon_PLM-Objekte_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Creating new PLM objects directly from the CAD environment
  • Icon_Suchen_bestehender_PLM-Objekte_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Extensive search functions
  • Icon_Oeffnen__Auschecken_und_Einchecken_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Check-in and check-out functions
  • Bidirectional synchronization
    Automated transfer of parameters
  • Icon_Freigeben_und_Aendern_unter_Verwendung_existierender_PLM-Workflows
    Release and change using existing PLM workflows
  • Batchgesteuertes Konvertieren von Daten-Massenänderungen
    On-demand or batch synchronization
  • Icon_Erstellen_Vergleichen_und_Aktualisieren_von_Stuecklisten
    Create, compare and update BOM
  •  Icon_Erzeugen_von_Ausgabedaten_und_automatische_Ablage_in_PLM
    Generation of output data and automatic storage in PLM

SAP ERP Integration for Aras Innovator

Benefits of data exchange between SAP ERP and Aras Innovator

The integration of Aras Innovator into SAP ERP allows the bi-directional exchange of all product and project data in order to launch the new product as planned.

  • For timely material procurement, Aras Innovator provides the purchasing department directly with the current parts list along with a differential parts list, as well as any additional information such as drawings.
  • Thanks to automated component matching between CAD and PLM systems, the designer has additional supplier data in addition to technical information when selecting components. This makes it easier for them to select parts.
  • Production and design can coordinate at an early stage on the basis of the data shared in PLM in order to exclude any rework from the outset and to secure the planned start of production.

Further engineering integrations for Aras Innovator

In addition to the pure design tools, solutions for requirements and quality management, software engineering, systems modelling, simulation, etc. play an important role especially in engineering. The integration of such systems into product lifecycle management creates the digital thread that meets the increasing requirements for tracing product development processes.