CAD/PLM Data Migration

The flexible solution for the migration of your CAD data

If you have a complex PLM migration project, you need an experienced partner at your side to migrate the large number of engineering documents including all object versions cleanly and without complications from the old to the new system. 
XPLM has a large team of PLM and CAD experts specialized in PLM data migration. We work with the largest PLM vendors and have successfully completed numerous customer migration projects. 

Your Benefits

  • No downtime, because the migration runs parallel to production
  • Use of high-quality migration tools

Our Migration Tools

  • XPLM Bulkloader:  The XPLM Bulkloader application provides a flexible solution for automated export and import of geometry and metadata. Separate configuration settings of the Bulkloader allow you to load different CAD data types. By combining PLM process extensions together with our tool, it is possible to “clean-up“ dirty data at the same time it is being migrated.
  • XPLM Batch Processing:  This tool automatically generates data from the CAD system in neutral format (PDF, Iges, STEP, etc.). Neutral formats are thus generated in a controlled manner and your CAD data can be updated to the latest version.
  • XPLM CAD File Analysis Tool: Our CAD data analysis tool identifies missing and inconsistent CAD data that would negatively impact migration.

External Conversion Tools

XPLM also works closely with Elysium - a leading software company in 3D geometry processing and data translation. Using their application, we guarantee high quality conversion of CAD data.