Siemens Teamcenter Integration

Multi-CAD integrations for transparent management of mechatronic products

Easy access to valid product data is essential for almost all business units. However, the data is often stuck in locked server areas or in data silos for engineering data management (EDM). Preparing the data for interdisciplinary collaboration in a way that meets the requirements requires engineering effort. Effort that our CAD Teamcenter integrations relieve your designers of.

Great optimization potential lies in data exchange, i.e. in the collaboration of your various engineering domains as well as in the transfer of information to downstream processes such as procurement, production, shipping, etc.

One strategic solution approach is multi-CAD PLM, which not only overcomes data silos, but also brings transparency to the interrelationships between product properties and product data. Centrally controlled, joint product development across locations, disciplines and systems is also easier to implement. Involving downstream processes earlier in your innovation projects allows production to start smoothly without time-consuming and costly follow-up work.

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Data models and result data appropriate to the individual working methods

Designers particularly benefit from the automatisms of our intelligent direct integrations in Teamcenter. You process the native engineering data with a wide range of functions and store it at a defined location in your individual data model. This means that they not only derive the desired objects and documents from the CAD tools but also process, combine and distribute them for the different target groups in the value network, for example, for the approval process, procurement or production.

These intelligent integration platforms therefore free your designers from having to carry out time-consuming routine work.

Fast, error-free data management without needing to know how to use Teamcenter

Designers do not have to know their way around Teamcenter, because in order for intelligent direct integrations to access native engineering data, they are embedded as plug-ins in the navigation of the CAD tools. In addition, users trigger all PLM functions directly from their familiar CAD environment.

This increases the acceptance of a central PLM system, which manages mechatronic products or assemblies in an integrated manner and controls workflows in an interdisciplinary way. There is no need for a manual, error-prone exchange of information via Excel or email.

How to benefit from our Teamcenter integrations

  • The automatisms of our intelligent integration platforms relieve developers of routine work
  • Built-in version management protects against the use of invalid data
  • BOM management takes over time-consuming tasks such as version comparison and checking for missing or invalid components
  • Component management synchronizes the libraries between Teamcenter, CAD tool and ERP system

Download our platform matrix with detailed information about the software versions. As well as our Siemens Teamcenter booklet.