Ansys Minerva Integration

Simulation and analysis are increasingly recognized as must-have core competencies to enable the digitalization of product development, manufacturing, and in-service lifecycle. Data analytics from systems promise to provide unprecedented knowledge of product performance to end users of today’s products as well as design engineers who need to develop innovative new products to meet increasingly demanding customer and regulatory requirements.

With Ansys Minerva as your leading simulation data management application, the new XPLM integration solutions allows connecting simulation to multi-discipline design and to the full product lifecycle. The XPLM integrations enables collaboration between simulation, the mainstream design process and cross-functional decision-making. Simulation results and analysis conclusions are now accessible across the enterprise, supporting multi-domain scenarios and therefore impacting productivity.

Available integrations to other applications

  • Dassault ENOVIA
  • GT Power
  • Mentor EDM
  • PTC Windchill
  • Siemens Teamcenter

Together XPLM and ANSYS integrate the simulation data management platform Minerva in the product lifecycle

Sophisticated simulation methods play a key role in ensuring the quality of technical products. Native CAD data and models provide the basis for calculations in the context of stress, flow and thermal analyses for example, as well as for appropriate design and structure optimizations. The absence of a suitable interface, however, makes transferring data from the PLM systems to Minerva difficult.  With the aim of digitalizing the data streams in the engineering ecosystem in their entirety, ANSYS, the market leader for simulation tools, and XPLM, which specializes in the direct integration of technical and commercial systems, shook hands on a technology partnership between the two companies.

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