Your Service-Plus for Your XPLM Integrations

License Monitor - Your Service-Plus for Your XPLM Integrations
With the License Monitor, you gain valuable insights into the usage of your XPLM licenses, regardless of whether they are named or seat user licenses. The XPLM license monitor supervises the traffic of your XPLM applications. It shows if, where and when bottlenecks occur and whether you can perhaps get these peaks under control by reallocating licenses of a different type. This saves time, costs and nerves. 

The license monitor can be set up in just a few minutes and can also be used via mobile devices. 

Note: No data is sent to XPLM!

Your potential for optimization at a glance

The XPLM License Monitor is a web application in the customer network. It helps to make optimal use of integrations in engineering. The dashboard gives you an overview of the current license status.

  • Are licenses expiring or have they already expired?
  • Are seat user licenses over-utilized?
  • Are named licenses overused?
  • Are there any unknown licenses?

Rededicate licenses with spare capacity. For areas with higher demand.