Collaboration and lifecycle management across domains and applications in a federated environment

Information is usually organized by internal departments in a company. Development, purchasing, manufacturing, customer service and other departments need different information for their work, which is located in many separate data systems. As the amount and variety of information increases, the silos continue to grow.

The process of gaining in-depth and actionable insights from company information is rather hampered by information silos and forms a barrier to a holistic view of this information. To take full advantage of cross-departmental access, companies need a complete view of their information.

Our Solution - XSPHERE Federation

XSPHERE Federation enables information from connected systems to be linked without having to copy or synchronize data. A cross table links these objects. This enables engineers to collaborate in the development process across system boundaries, as well as a sustainable, version-safe link between baselines of individual systems to form an overall configuration.

Your Benefits

  • Stay in your native working environment and access data and processes from other applications as if they were part of your ‘Base Application’
  • Search your ‘Base Application’ for information in ‘Satellite Application’ to focus on getting the job done instead of validating data from other systems
  • Eliminate restrictions on the synchronizing direction of the master when data in the slave is being processed
  • Benefit from no data models needs to be changed, since data from the source system is linked by reference and the security of the native data objects is used
  • Receive a message in case of changes in connected applications

XPLM Integration Platform – the basis for the XSPHERE Federation

Connects directly and fully audited in accordance with security and access rights via API calls to any system with:

  • 80+ uniform XPLM application connectors
  • XPLM data types and uniform function calls
  • XPLM Business Logic Repository with methods and micro services
  • Highly customisable and extensible framework


Product video

XSPHERE can associate with a large number of PLM systems and applications.

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