Wir vereinfachen Komplexität

Mit dem breitesten Integrations-Portfolio weltweit für ECAD, MCAD und ERP.

XPLM – Expert Integration

Die Integration verschiedener Systeme in den Produktlebens­zyklus ist oft sehr komplex. Wir machen es Ihnen leicht.

Mit dem breitesten Portfolio an PLM-Integrationslösungen für ECAD-, MCAD- und ERP-Schnittstellen weltweit.

Unsere erfolgreiche Formel aus Standardplattform und individuellen Erweiterungen bietet nahezu unbegrenzte Integrationsmöglichkeiten.
Auf diese Weise ermöglichen wir hocheffiziente, automatisierte Engineering-Prozesse bei bestmöglicher Datenqualität – für mehr Sicherheit, mehr Umsatz und mehr Innovationskraft.
Erweitern Sie Ihre Prozesse mit XPLM!

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» We‘ve been very happy with the services we have received, especially when deadlines were tight and we needed XPLM to respond quickly.
They went the extra mile to ensure a viable product was tested and delivered. «

- Steve Godsell  |  PLM Project Manager, ANCA CNC MACHINES

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» Due to XPLM integration solutions all CAD data is now in one system and we can easily share CAD data and engineering resources worldwide. «

- Darren Parrillo  |  CAD PDM Manager, Brooks

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» The general service experience with XPLM was highly professional, fully available for trouble shooting and highly responsive with solutions. «

- Michael Langford  |  PLM/CAD Project Manager, The Spaceship Company

» XPLM convinced us with their wide knowledge in ECAD and ERP systems, as well as with their flexible user adaptability. Also, their quick support response time made our cooperation very pleasant. If we get a similar project as our PADS to SAP project again, XPLM will definitely be in our minds.«

- Klaus Bak  |  ECAD Systems Consultant, Grundfos

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» Harris Corporation chose XPLM Publisher for development of technical documentation with DITA requirements. The product provides useful functionality and is a plug-in to our Agile PLM system which enables management of content. System set-up, configuration and training were clear and easily performed. «

- Mary Landers  |  Engineering IT, Harris

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» Working with the experts at XPLM helped make our user community completely self-sufficient and streamlined our time to market. They provided excellent training and guidance to get the system to where it is today. «

- Jerry Baker |  Senior Manager EIT Applications and Solutions Delivery, Haemonetics

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» Through workshops and experience of XPLM with other customers many pain points in our engineering process could be solved. «

- Jürgen Kroppen  |  Head of IT, Kiepe Electric

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» We are very satisfied with the work of XPLM. The interface and configurator have standardized our solutions and work routines. Therefore we thank them a lot. «

- Mariano Orozco  |  Electrical Hardware Engineer, Metso

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» The technical team at XPLM have been superb at resolving technical issues regarding our MCAD EC connector (implemented by another partner). In my humble opinion, you would have to be crazy to go to anyone else for technical support. «

- Mario Diaz  |  Manager Business Systems, Nortek

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» XPLM´s integration solution is very intuitive and provides a consistent design process from Creo 3D modeling to Teamcenter and our ERP system. The integration is stable and is used by about 200 engineers at eight sites around the globe. «

- Markus Fetzer |  Team leader Product Data Management / Project manager PDM, Putzmeister

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» Due to the simple handling of the interface we had a really short training period. Also users not working with the program regulary can operate it in a simple and secure way «

- Jenny Dittus |  Sensor System Engineer, Stratec

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» We are very happy with the availability and competence of XPLM. They supported us whenever we needed them. «

- Sean Pypers |  IT Project Manager, OSI Systems

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» XPLM supported us with their services from the ideation to the successful rollout. Their expertise was very useful during the whole project and the result met our full expectations. «

- Benjamin Eilebrecht | Quality Manager Hardware, Wilo

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