Arena PLM Integration

Accelerate development efficiency with a network

Arena offers a secure system for managing mechanical, electrical, and software-related data. The development, quality and production teams are supported in the entire use of product information, exchange of ideas, and the implementation of changes throughout the entire product life cycle. The entire design team must be coordinated with one another to avoid manufacturing and design errors. Our integration solution enables mechanical engineers to link mechanical construction parts with the product data set in Arena Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), thereby accelerating product introduction.

Global competition is forcing companies to innovate at breakneck speed. With Arena PLM, development teams can collaborate in real time on a single system to quickly develop, review, and approve high-quality products. Arena Solutions has been an official partner of XPLM since 2018.

*Due to SOLIDWORKS license conditions, XPLM can offer this connector as a customer specific project only.

SOLIDWORKS PDMP integration for Arena PLM

The XPLM integration platform is a SOLIDWORKS certified gold product and, as a leading SOLIDWORKS PDM professional integration provider, offers flexible application options to optimally support your development processes. Data and structures from SOLIDWORKS PDMP and Arena PLM are integrated to enable a bidirectional exchange of documents, CAD files, parts lists, articles, and change information. SOLIDWORKS PDMP users need not access the Arena PLM user interface but can access all integration activities through menus and data cards. This leads to improved user acceptance and satisfaction. Adjustments to data mapping and transfer processes are provided outside of the Arena PLM environment, which reduces support and maintenance costs.

Functionalities of a SOLIDWORKS PDMP integration with Arena PLM

  • Full integration with Arena PLM objects and structures
  • Integration of the user interface in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
  • Document update
  • BOM and article update
  • Customisation capabilities

Further integrations to Arena PLM

Together with Arena, we developed the integration for SOLIDWORKS® PDM Professional and, on request, offer further integrations to various ECAD and MCAD authoring systems on a project-specific basis. If your integration is not listed, please contact our sales team and find out more about our solution portfolio.

Download our platform matrix with detailed information about the software versions.