Data integration

The Road to Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Data volumes continue to grow. Collecting the data, whether generated externally or internally, is no problem for most companies. Most of the time, the breakdown occurs with data administration because the data are often not collected in a central location, but in data silos. Such silos can lead to inconsistent and redundant data, and prevent fast time-to-market through manual work processes.

Automated synchronisation or information linkagebetween different IT systems is essential for every the success of every company.

XPLM has the Integration Experts

We are experts in sophisticated integration solutions for a wide range of software for PLM, ECAD, MCAD, ALM and much more. We regularly set new standards for data integration. We offer integration solutions for over 100 different systems and are constantly expanding this portfolio. Our claim: We solve every problem in our field. It is no surprise that the largest and most prominent customers and partners in numerous industries place their trust in us.

A Solution for Cross-Departmental Collaboration

With our XPLM integration platform, we offer a software solution that has been tried and tested in customer projects for many years. This platform is based on the idea of neutralizing manufacturers’ APIs, and using a separate data format to create a standard for coupling different IT systems. Using the platform, a variety of authoring systems can be integrated with many common PLM systems. Other authoring systems are supported alongside MCAD and ECAD.

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