CONTACT CIM Database Integration

Efficient collaboration and faster processes in product development

We all want our customers to work more efficiently. So we are equipping our products and solutions with ever more intelligence. This increases the relevance of electronic and electrical engineering as well as the need for close cooperation between all domains.

integrate2 for intelligent ECAD integrations in CONTACT CIM Database is a linchpin for your continuous information flow and efficient exchange processes. After all, the greatest optimization potential lies in the "interfaces" between your teams. Central management of mechatronic product data, parts lists and engineering processes in the PLM system clarifies the interrelationships. Automatic versioning and linking of requirements and change requests with product data improve and shorten your product engineering process (PEP).

Bring innovation projects to market faster in close collaboration

Time is money. One strategy for getting innovations to market faster and more effectively is centralized multi-CAD PLM. Your designers use CIM Database via a small, clear plug-in in their familiar CAD environment. And you can do this without having to know the details, because the functions of our integration platform automate data management to the greatest possible extent. You don't have to worry about time-consuming routine tasks such as data model, correct storage location or versioning, nor do you have to worry about data to be exported and how to combine it, for example, for downstream processes. All processes are logged and remain traceable. Unlike direct data exchange between CAD systems, this also applies to collaboration via CIM Database, for example, between mechanical and PCB design.

Synchronized component libraries accelerate design and production

integrate2 synchronizes the parts libraries of CIM Database and CAD tool, manually triggered or batch-based. If CIM Database additionally compares the components with the ERP system, the designers can receive additional decision-making aids via commercial component information such as suppliers, prices, delivery times, validity, etc.

Maintained master data promotes the use of components that are always the same. This not only speeds up the design process, it also provides purchasing with a more favorable basis for negotiation and facilitates the handling of components in production.

Functionalities of the ECAD interface

integrate2 manages all ECAD-relevant system and process data in CIM Database with standardized functionalities:

  •  Icon_PLM-Objekte_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Creating new PLM objects directly from the ECAD environment
  • Icon_Suchen_bestehender_PLM-Objekte_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Search existing PLM objects directly from the ECAD environment
  • Icon_Oeffnen__Auschecken_und_Einchecken_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Open, check in and check out directly from the ECAD environment
  • Bidirectional synchronization
    Bi-directional synchronization of attributes between PLM and ECAD
  • Icon_Freigeben_und_Aendern_unter_Verwendung_existierender_PLM-Workflows
    Release and change using existing PLM workflows
  • Icon_Synchronisieren_von_Artikel-_und_Teiledaten
    Synchronize article and part data
  • Icon_Erstellen_Vergleichen_und_Aktualisieren_von_Stuecklisten
    Create, compare and update BOM
  •  Icon_Erzeugen_von_Ausgabedaten_und_automatische_Ablage_in_PLM
    Generation of output data and automatic storage in PLM