Altium Integration

Founded in Australia in 1985, Altium Limited, known as Protel Systems until 2001, is a pioneer in providing computer-based electronic board design environments. The company foresaw the success of Windows early on and fully relied on this operating system.

Today, Altium markets Altium Designer Standard, Altium Designer Pro and Altium Designer Enterprise. Designer Pro and Designer Enterprise emerged from the former Altium Vault. All three systems are used in the development of printed circuit boards.

Holistic cooperation in Altium

Altium Designer Enterprise as an EDM system includes the structured and consistent management of all data, which is generated during the development or modification of printed circuit boards during their life cycle. However, developer of electronics also depend on information from other departments. Be it change requests or requirements for the electronics from product management, only conventional methods remain to exchange information.

Federated integration approach for your ECAD tool

Our federated Integration approach can connect design content to your enterprise systems as well as to other engineering systems involved in the product development process. The solution creates a network to company processes outside the development area and fits easily into your existing product development infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Connect your Altium Designer Enterprise to any other data system in your enterprise
  • Altium Designer Enterprise can become a ‘Base Application’ to access a connected ‘Satellite Application"
  • Enable the system-neutral visualization and processing of information by accessing data objects and their relationships at runtime

XPLM offers Altium Integrations since more than 15 years. Some of the integrations are offered as a project only. Altium provides direct Designer Enterprise integrations to various PLM systems.

Altium Designer Standard Integrations

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