SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Integration

The solution to optimally manage your design data and in so doing optimally support product development processes in your company

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (PDMP) - formerly SOLIDWORKS EPDM - is a data management solution based on Microsoft® SQL Server®. This guarantees that all design data is securely stored and only accessible to authorised users, making it easier to find files, drawings and parts and avoids data losses and automates and ensures workflows. Constructions can be worked on collaboratively from several locations.

Our solution: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional integration platform

Further integrations for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

XPLM has used its 25 years of experience in building effective CAD, PLM / PDM and ERP integrations to offer a solution to the interface problem.

Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced PLM, PDM and CAD experts, we offer SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional integrations to Arena PLM, Oracle Agile PLM and SAP ERP.

Holistic PDM data management through our integration solution to PDMP

In order to support a holistic, efficient development process and drive innovation, it is essential to have good integration between product data management systems, CAD applications, ERP systems and product lifecycle management systems. This has never been more important than it is today, with many different design and development teams working together in different locations. The design data and the associated manufacturing data, including parts lists, must be available at any location with the latest version at any time in order to avoid delays in the development process.

Functionalities of our SOLIDWORKS PDM PROFESSIONAL integration in PLM and ERP

Data and structures from SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and PLM/ERP are integrated in a way that enables a bi-directional exchange of documents, CAD files, parts lists, parts (material masters), articles and change information. PDMP users don't need to access the PLM or ERP user interface as they can carry out all integration activities via the menus and data cards in their own system. Any adjustments to the data mapping and the behaviour of transmission processes can be made quickly and easily, so that the costs for maintenance and support are reduced at the same time.

  • Icons_Vollstaendige_Integration_von_SAP_PLM-Objekten_und_-Strukturen
    Complete integration with SAP PLM objects and structures
  • Icons_User_interface_Integration_in_SOLIDWORKS_PDM_Professional
    User interface integration in SOLIDWORKS
    PDM Professional
  • Icons Dokument Update
    Document Update
  •  Icons_BOM_und_Part_Update
    BOM and Part Update
  •  Icons_Change_Management
    Change Management
  •  Icons_Anpassungsmoeglichkeiten
    Customization Capabilities