Arena PLM Integration for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Most product companies share a common struggle –managing and releasing design data from engineering teams to the rest of the company. Painful manual processes contribute to team dissatisfaction and disconnected data silos, resulting in a lack of visibility and collaboration and, ultimately, poorer product decisions. Facilitate better collaboration between your teams and get better products faster with an automated integration between Arena PLM and SOLIDWORKS® PDM Professional. The Arena–XPLM® Integration for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional provides a seamless, accurate bi-direction flow of information between SOLIDWORKS and Arena for prototype, new product introduction (NPI), and ongoing product development processes.

Due to Solidworks license conditions, XPLM can offer this connector as a customer specific project only.

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The Challenge

Collaborating with today’s dispersed design teams introduces risk when moving from team-level engineering design to the larger released product record and manufacturing. Design teams utilize SOLIDWORKS work-in-progress (WIP) tools to ensure engineers do not step on each other’s toes during early design. Once the individual designs are mature enough, they need to be incorporated into the full product design with other mechanical, electrical, software, and documentation components. With Arena–XPLM Integration for SOLIDWORKS, teams have an automated and easy process that reduces errors and accelerates the NPI process.

Faster Innovation for the whole company

  • Ensure operations team feedback early in the design process, in support of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) framework
  • Provide the information necessary for accurate and responsive sourcing

Process Simplification and Standardization

  • Reduce onboarding and training time by removing the need to learn how to duplicate same or similar tasks in multiple systems
  • Support business needs with configuration options for publishing part data based on design scenarios
  • Maintain a consistent and controlled complete product record for the entire organization and supply chain

Reduced Product Delays
and Costs

  • Eliminate the risks of data entry errors
  • Ensure everyone is working from the same, most current product record and associated files

How it works

The Arena–XPLM Integration for SOLIDWORKS provides design teams with the ability to create and publish parts, BOMs, and files from within SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (PDMP) to Arena. SolidWorks PDM users publish the Engineering BOM and configurable filetypes such as PDF, STEP, or CAD data to Arena. All integration activities can be accessed in SolidWorks PDMP using the workflow, tasks, menus, and data cards.

User Interface in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

  • Publish action trigged by any SOLIDWORKS PDMP event
  • On-demand publish from menu option
  • Open the part in Arena from SOLIDWORKS Arena data card

Publish Items and BOMs

  • Publish a new part and BOMs from SOLIDWORKS PDMP to Arena
  • Support of SOLIDWORKS PDMP configurations

Publish of Files

  • Publish derived files (MS Office, PDF, STEP, other configurable file types) from SolidWorks PDMP to Arena, associating these file(s) to related parts in Arena