Arena PLM Integration for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

XPLM's Integrationplatform integrates SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional with Arena PLM and offers flexible options to optimally support your development processes.

Data and structures from SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and Arena PLM are integrated, so that a bi-directional exchange of documents, CAD data, part lists, articles and modification information is possible.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional users are able to call up all integration functions using the menus and data cards, without needing to access Arena PLM's interface. This leads to a better user acceptance and increased productivity.

Modifications for data-mapping and transfer processes are provided outside of the Arena PLM environment, reducing support and maintenance costs.  

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We will offer a time limited 15% off the first year subscription price for customers who purchase the XPLM SOLIDWORKS PDMP – Arena integration before July 31st 2021.