SAP ERP integration for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

The SAP-certified XPLM Integration Platform integrates SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional with the SAP ERP system and offers flexible deployment options to optimally support your development processes.

Data and structures of both SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and SAP ERP are integrated to provide a bi-directional exchange of documents, CAD files, BOMs, parts and modification information.

Users of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can invoke all integration activities by using the menus and data cards and don't need to access the interface of SAP ERP. This leads to improved user acceptance and satisfaction.

Adaptions to data mapping and transfer processes can easily be implemented which reduces support and maintenance costs.

Due to Solidworks license conditions, XPLM can offer this connector as a customer specific project only.

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The integration offers users of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional an effective and intuitive integration into their SAP ERP system:

  • Icons_Vollstaendige_Integration_von_SAP_PLM-Objekten_und_-Strukturen
    Complete integration with SAP objects and structures
  • Icons_User_interface_Integration_in_SOLIDWORKS_PDM_Professional
    User interface integration in SOLIDWORKS
    PDM Professional
  • Icons Dokument Update
    Document Update
  •  Icons_BOM_und_Part_Update
    BOM and Part Update
  •  Icons_Change_Management
    Change Management
  •  Icons_Anpassungsmoeglichkeiten
    Customization Capabilities