CAD-Tool Integration in Infor PLM Discrete

Faster, more profitable and more flexible for market-ready products thanks to continuous data flows

In order to bring product innovations to market faster and more profitably, there is a need for cross-divisional digitally networked collaboration based on easily available product information. The generic integration of Infor ERP and Infor PLM Discrete as a tool for central product data management creates high cross-departmental synergy potential. Cross-system and cross-departmental workflows with context-relevant information specifically connect the areas of development, procurement and production.

In order to be able to represent such a scenario, the CAD data must find the leanest, most secure path possible in PLM Discrete. This is exactly what our PLM integration platform for the CAD systems of all engineering disciplines is made for.

Official Infor – XPLM Partnership

XPLM is an official solution and implementation partner of Infor. Based on our many years of expertise in the product development process (PDP), we can also implement your integration project as required.

Automations relieve designers of central multi-CAD data management

Developing product innovations together means sharing data, objects and information centrally in a mechatronic data model, reusing them and controlling them in cross-domain workflows. But how does the data get into the PLM system and into the right place in the data model?

Our integration platform is fully integrated with designers' familiar CAD environment, so

  • designers don't necessarily need to know Infor PLM Discrete to manage their data.
  • Intelligent functions relieve them of time-consuming routine work with just a few clicks by processing native engineering data on the basis of individually defined templates and automatisms and saving it at a defined location in the data model. This means that they not only derive desired data from the CAD tools, they also prepare, combine and distribute the engineering data in a user-friendly manner for the various target groups in the value network.
  • Events can trigger cross-departmental workflows, such as a release process, the transfer of BOM reports to procurement, or data for internal or external production.

Our platform matrix provides detailed information about available integration solutions.