Aras Innovator integration for DOORS Classic and DOORS Next Generation

Aras Innovator provides the backbone of product data configuration, project and workflow management services essential to the successful integration and control of DOORS data.

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Your Benefits

  • Make requirements visible in DOORS and Innovator by linking them to the affected items in Innovator by the integrated user function creating more transparency in the development and change process
  • Query requirement changes for an item or even all requirements in a larger BOM structure to check for potential changes in your requirements
  • Beyond baselining in DOORS individually revise requirements to keep track of your development process and be able to get back to any development state in Innovator
  • Get live Doors data by using the OSLC-based display in a popup for current information or directly navigate to the DOORS require-ment for related activities in DOORS
  • Create and update requirements in Innovator and publish them in DOORS to kepp working in Innovator
  • Additional functions in the background ensure the consistency of data when removing these links or assigning multiple items to one requirement

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The integration manages requirements across systems by using standardized functionalities:

  • Select and link requirement to part or other item
  • Create and update requirement in Innovator
  • Create backlink in DOORS to requirement/part
  • Identify and visualize suspect state „Has something changed in DOORS?“
  • Revise part and requirement
  • Display live DOORS data
  • Navigate to DOORS requirement
  • Delete part/requirement link
  • Create/update requirements in DOORS