DigiTain - Successful first steps for fully digital product development of sustainable electric drive architectures

The DigiTain (Digitalisation for Sustainability) research project for fully digital product development of sustainable electric drive architectures is in full swing.

On 6 July, the consortium met for a second exchange. Most of the approximately 100 participants appeared in person at the host, the Institute for Lightweight Construction and Plastics Technology (ILK) of the Technical University of Dresden, some were there virtually.

The conference was opened by Dr Norbert Dölle, Mercedes-Benz, project coordinator, and Prof Niels Modler, ILK TU Dresden, project partner. They presented the current project status and the progress of the individual work packages.

Afterwards, the project partners discussed the progress of the project as well as aspects of research work and interfaces in several workshops. XPLM contributed to topics such as:

  • Development of a semantics for the common terminology to describe the sustainability-oriented development process
  • Development of a system model for the management of simulation processes and data within the framework of DigiTain
  • Implementation of an environment for simulation management using Aras Innovator, i.e.
  1. Setting up an Aras Innovator integration for Siemens NX to manage design models for simulation purposes
  2. Support in setting up an object model for simulation tasks at the Institute for Lightweight Construction and Plastics Technology (ILK)
  3. Customizing of the PLM system for application development
  4. Implementation of a dashboard in Aras Innovator as an access point for simulation data (Simulation Task, Boundary Conditions, Simulation Result etc.)
  5. Transfer of simulation requirements of the ILK into the requirements management system Polarion
  6. Test of the simulation management solution using a simple example

Finally, the consortium decided on the next steps for the third DigiTain project meeting in January 2024, which will be hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute EMI in Freiburg. Once again, the focus will be on the further progress of the project with its exciting interim results.

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