Free webinar on July 4, 2023 at 2 p.m. CEST

Customize the standard solution for ECAD-Windchill integration to meet your specific needs

Isn't it true? Many products are getting more and more electronic components and options. This means that products are becoming more complex because customers expect more functionality. They should be intelligent, connected, and ideally designed individually. This increases the importance of engineering data and its interdisciplinary exchange.

Embrace connected product development and fuel your innovation process through dynamic and transparent data exchange across functions, systems, and departments. The goal should be to eliminate manual processes and manual consolidation of bills of materials.

A first step in this direction is the intelligent direct integration of your ECAD tools for electrical and electronic design into Windchill. In a mechatronic data model, you can easily manage all product data, objects, and documents and establish transparent relationships. The approval and change processes also relate to the holistic view of the product.

How can you convince your electrical designers to embrace Windchill? Tell them that they can continue their job in their familiar work environment with their familiar tools. Our Windchill connector is integrated as a plugin into the navigation of their ECAD system. It is so intelligent that it autonomously handles most of the data management tasks. Many routine tasks are automated, allowing your developers to have more time for value-added work.

Learn how you can align the standard solution for ECAD-Windchill integration with your specific needs and how quickly it pays off in our joint webcast with our partner MAIT.