XPLM Solution for IMA Schelling

CustomerIMA Schelling
BrancheMechanic Engineering & Industrial Machinery
IntegrationEPLAN to Aras Innovator

About the Customer

IMA Schelling develops and manufactures special equipment and processing solutions for digitalised, fully automated and networked production in the wood, metal and plastic processing industries. With availability worldwide, the systems cover the entire process chain for handling and processing tasks of plate-shaped materials.

Customer Challenges

  • Managing the many different parts lists
  • Managing a mechatronic parts list in Aras Innovator to prevent components from being ordered by both mechanical and electrical technicians

Customer Requirements

  • Access all relevant data for the employees involved in the engineering process
  • Fully automated BOM management in the PLM system that reflects the organization of production
  • Regular synchronization of the article master data between EPLAN P8 and Aras Innovator ensures that the designers only work with current components

Customer Benefits

  • Customizing of the parts list management in the ECAD-PLM direct integration allows to map its processes across departments and precisely
  • Increasing the quality and transparency of interdisciplinary processes through the continuous data streams
  • Additionally integrated filter function makes it easier for ECAD designers to manage very extensive parts lists

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