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This is why PLM integration of your PCB design tools with integrate2 is worthwhile

A head start through high-performance engineering

Intelligent connectors relieve your designers of routine work, handle data management and control the data into downstream processes

This is how simple integrate2 works

Construct instead of manage

Renaming a copied project, creating a data model, checking and comparing BOMs, maintaining the parts library, and creating usable data for colleagues in other departments and suppliers - these are all tedious tasks that cost valuable design time.

Get that time back by integrating your PCB design tools. Integrate2 takes care of all these jobs and completes them reliably and error-free within the shortest possible time. Actions such as filing a design in PLM can trigger workflows that carry context-relevant data.

Integrate2 is a plugin that allows your designers to perform all data management tasks from the familiar environment of their ECAD system.

Added value through ECAD-PLM integration with integrate2

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New projects are created quickly and easily

  • Create new projects based on templates or copy a project saved in PLM. According to the naming convention, projects, documents and objects automatically receive correct and uniform names
  • Data model is created automatically
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Manage and control data automatically and transparently

  • All relevant PLM actions from the familiar ECAD environment
  • Easy and fast check-in and check-out in PLM
  • Correct data storage guaranteed
  • Version management with automatic updating of the drawing header and linking of related information
  • Triggered processes remain traceable
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Unique parts list management

  • Automatic generation of the EBOM
  • BOM items provide additional information for targeted part selection
  • BOM comparison with previous version: All quantity changes, display of unreleased or discontinued components as well as positions without assigned component
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Automated synchronization of parts libraries between CAD and PLM

  • Simple, fast finding of the right components
  • Component selection supported by relevant information such as delivery time, price, validity status, etc.
  • Automated creation of parts in PLM that have been added to the ECAD library
  • Automatic bidirectional update of attribute information between ECAD and Windchill parts
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Automate workflow and business processes

  • Automatically generate different neutral or exchange formats
  • Automatically generate any production data
  • Suppliers receive data packets point-to-point or in the defined workspace
  • Analyses