XPLM Solution for Kiepe Electric

"Through workshops and experience of XPLM with other customers many pain points in our engineering process could be solved."

Jürgen Kroppen, Head of IT

Customer Challenges

  • Due to the long history of Kiepe, fundamental data cleansing was necessary.
  • Manual BOM creation was time-consuming and prone to errors.


Kiepe Electric required a uniform database with an automated transfer of the BOMs into Pro.CAD PRO FILE.

In detail it means:

  • Articles basic data are only created in one system.
  • A comparison of the articles basic data between the PLM system and the ECAD database.
  • Transfer of ECAD parts lists to the PLM system.
  • Transfer of certain attributes of the BOM to the PLM system.
  • Displaying BOM comparisons and differences in the basic article data.
  • Generation of all relevant documents and transfer to the PLM system.
  • Linking of bills of materials and documents to the existing articles in the PLM system.
  • Recognize and react to the workflow status of the article or BOM in the PLM system.
  • Automatic revision of BOMs and documents in the PLM system when changes are made in the ECAD system.

    The journey

    1. Workshop for recording the requirements
    2. Creation of a benchmark specification with the basic requirements
    3. Implementation of a first interface
    4. Testing and gaining experience
    5. Completion or correction of the requirements
    6. Implementation of the adaptations
    7. Recurring process.


    The first interface between PRO.FILE and ELCAD was installed in 2010 and the first integration solution between PRO.FILE and Engineering Base has been implemented in 2016. The interface between those ECAD Systems and PRO.FILE required a rethinking of existing internal processes. New workflows had to be introduced and very precise work had to be done. But since a new ECAD system was introduced in parallel, the training effort was relatively high.

    Customer Benefits

    The solution is used in development, technology and project planning. The advantages of an interface between those ECAD systems and the PLM system are:

    • A uniform database and no double maintenance, that saves a lot of time
    • Avoiding of „copying errors“ due to an automatic transfer of BOMs into PLM system, instead of previous manual BOM creation
    • Automatic generation of required documents with automatic uniform filing in the PLM system. That saves double time, when creating the documents

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