XPLM Solution for Huisman

BrancheMechanic Engineering & Industrial Machinery
IntegrationEPLAN to PTC Windchill

About the Customer

Huisman is a globally successful supplier for industries that are dedicated to energy generation, construction and the operation of amusement parks. To this end, Huisman designs, builds and maintains highly complex systems, for example for laying pipelines, for offshore drilling or for moving heavy loads.

Customer Challenges

  • Integration of EPLAN workstations in PTC Windchill
  • Consideration of technical standards, compliance requirements and laws in product development
  • Localised version management with adequate directory, product and document structures

Customer Requirements

  • Access all relevant data for the employees involved in the engineering process
  • Identical user interface and functionality as to former PLM system

Customer Benefits

  • The integration further enables consistent and revision-proof handling of data 
  • For the Huisman development team, the identical user interface meant a quick and smooth transition to PTC Windchill

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