XPLM Solution for Fill

BrancheMechanic Engineering & Industrial Machinery

About the Customer

Since 1966, Fill has developed into a world-leader in maschine and plant engineering. At it‘s heart is the motto: „If you are looking for the best solution, shape your future with Fill.“

As a family run business, with 800 employees, Fill‘s success is impressive. For example, 80% of european automobiles contain Fill technology.

Their main products are machines supporting manufacturing and assembly of:

  • Automotive
  • Space craft
  • Ski and snowboard equipment
  • Renewable energy solutions, solar and wind energy
  • Wood and building

Customer Challenges

  • Definition of a data model in PLM and optimized process between ECAD-PLM-ERP
  • A constantly growing article library in the data system
  • Missing workflow between all product components: Mechanical, electrical, software and documentation

Customer Requirements

  • Link development processes in ECAD with PLM to increase process reliability
  • Automated generation of bill of materials for a more efficient ordering process to reduce manual errors
  • Automatic creation and storage of manufacturing and project data

Customer Benefits

  • Engineers are informed of all changes including the cost of the design
  • Significant saving of work and time
  • Consistent and comprehensible process

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