SAP PLM Integration for Cadence OrCAD with the SAP Engineering Control Center Interface

The fully customizable SAP Engineering Control Center Interface connects Cadence OrCAD with the SAP PLM system, aiding the integrated, cross-disciplinary management of product design and data in one system.

SAP ECTR to Cadence OrCAD

This means that you can control your Cadence OrCAD system and process data directly in SAP PLM, both saving you time and optimizing engineering processes. The SAP Engineering Control Center Interface also allows for quick, company-wide access to up-to-date ECAD data, enabling team development of the same product and product data, as well as the ability to link electronic, electrical and mechanical data in one system.

Main features

SAP Engineering Control Center Interface to ECAD provides functions to manage ECAD/EDA designs and the resulting data securely and consistently in SAP

  • Creation, editing, search and display of documents
  • Classification via SAP class system
  • Saving of all data securely in SAP
  • Quick search and find function, with several search functions
  • Simple linking with other SAP objects
  • Automatic creation of BOMs, including variant, production and mechatronic BOMs
  • Comparison of BOMs, upon saving ECAD designs
  • Bi-directional synchronization of item and part data
  • Check in and check out functionalities
  • History management via status log

Key benefits

  • Save time and eliminate errors through automated data exchange processes.
  • Avoid redundancy by using only one source system.
  • Manage electrical and electronic schematics.
  • Achieve holistic traceability of your product development processes by incorporating ECAD/EDA data into the business processes.
  • Enhance collaboration through a simplified cross-site data exchange.
  • Simply adapt the functions of the integration solution to your operational requirements.
  • Benefit from increased standardization and reuse in the company.
  • Shorten your search times to access ECAD/EDA data more quickly.