SAP PLM integration for AUCOTEC Engineering Base

XPLM’s integrate2 platform can help you optimize your business.

sap plm–aucotec engineering base integration

XPLM’s integrate2 platform can help you optimize your business, by connecting AUCOTEC Engineering Base with the SAP PLM system, aiding the integrated, interdisciplinary management of product data in one system. Ultimately, this allows you to control ECAD relevant system and process data directly in SAP PLM, saving you time and eliminating sources of error from the work process. Furthermore, integrate2 is customizable to your business needs, offering the possibility of a bespoke solution.

Main features

integrate2 manages relevant ECAD/EDA system- and process data in the PLM system, using standardized functions:

  • Create new PLM objects directly from CAD
  • Search in PLM directly from CAD
  • Load, check-out and check-in directly from CAD
  • Update PLM attributes directly from CAD
  • Release and modify, using existing PLM workflows 
  • Synchronize article and part data
  • Create and compare part lists
  • Automated output generation and upload to PLM

Key benefits

  • Interact with the PLM system directly from your ECAD/EDA application
  • Avoid redundancies by using only one source system
  • Save time and eliminate sources of error through automated data exchange processes
  • Use standardized integrate2 functions and add customer-specific processes at any time
  • Benefit from easy extensibility in data and processes
  • Achieve complete traceability through your product development processes with integrate2