Oracle Agile EDM Integration for XPLM GSB

A modern representation for the visualization and the management of the PLM objects to support engineering processes and to increase the innovation performance

XPLM presents the next generation of user-interface technology, which is based on XPLM's Integration Platform and yFiles® of yWorks®. The XPLM structure browser can be connected by using the Java client, or run as a separate client-application.

Structures and relations of PLM data, such as documents, items, projects, classifications etc. can be analyzed, visualized and edited intuitively.

Activities to workflow and status changes can be edited from the object browser via context menus.

Main features

  • Connectable via e5/e6 Java Client
  • Configurable nodes, browser layouts and layout layers
  • Context-specific action menus
  • Bi-directional exchange of properties
  • Structure manipulations by Drag & Drop
  • Editable PLM operations directly from the browser object
  • Open relevant PLM UI forms directly from the browser object
  • Full text search
  • Representation of all PLM objects
  • Printable structure layouts
  • Collaborative access to multiple applications