RENgo for CATIA V5

RENgo for CATIA V5 supports design engineers in their work with naming conventions in complex CAD structures

The application offers a variety of possible configurations and can be adapted to your company’s specific needs and challenges, fulfilling them in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Main features

  • Checking assemblies for internal or user-specific naming conventions
  • Renaming assemblies by naming conventions, taking into account file and instance names, user properties, and parameters
  • Exporting and importing CATIA product structures, links, attributes, parameters, and user properties (for example, as part lists or in XML metadata files)
  • Converting name formats (insert new fields, reformat existing ones, or delete them)
  • XML-based, validatable control files (templates) and data files for the input and output of attributes and complex product structures
  • Batch-based XML interface for automation and integration into processes

Key benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction by securing your naming conventions with regular, automated checks.
  • Save time and improve the reliability of name changes, such as when deriving a new design.