CADdoctor by Elysium

The professional application for data repair and conversion, 3D data conversion and PDQ testing

Picture by Elysium

The application supports reliable and accurate data conversion into numerous CAD formats and performs accurate PDQ checks. CADdoctor also includes features for automatic or wizard-supported data repair.

CADdoctor has been developed to establish a best in class solution for interoperability problems. The main task of CADdoctor is to overcome barriers caused by differences in 3D authoring and modeling systems, where diversity in 3D data representation may lead automatically to distortion of smooth data flow through the CAx data stream.

CADdoctor offers different process-specific functionalities like geometry healing, geometry simplification, geometry comparison, reverse engineering, polygon data processing, mid-surfaces functions and casting feasibility checking.

Key benefits

Conversion and Repair

An outstanding advantage of CADdoctor is the ease of handling during data conversion. It is only necessary to specify input and output formats in order to convert data from one CAD format to another.


In addition to its conversion capabilities, CADdoctor also provides you with optimization options. These options allow data adaptation to meet specific requirements throughout the entire product life cycle.

    • Geometry simplification for CAE/ CAM solutions
    • Mid-surfaces for CAE solutions
    • Reverse engineering of point-cloud and polygon data
    • Mould-manufacturing feasibility checking
    • Geometry comparison

      Point cloud data handling

      CADdoctor offers functionalities for the handling of point cloud and polygon data. Its reverse engineering capabilities enable the creation of 3D CAD data that can be easily processed in downstream CAx applications. With this, CADdoctor provides an interoperability platform for testing, data repair and data processing.

      CADdoctor product line

      • CADdoctor EX: High functionality of geometry simplification and checking, as well as precise 3D data conversion.
      • CADdoctor SX: a lighter version of the CADdoctor, but with the same geometry-handling technique as the CADdoctor EX.