Integration solutions

Whenever you want to bring complex data and different systems together, with XPLM you've ended up in the right place

Document creation and data management often have a historical tradition and bear no relation to each other.

This results in differing requirements to prepare, combine and publish data or documents out of such systems. Examples therefor are electronic spare-parts catalogues, content-delivery portals or printed product catalogues.

XML has become accepted as the industry-standard data exchange format. XPLM has long-term experience with converting data from and to XML, data processing, data exporting from PLM systems, as well as transformation into other formats such as PDF, HTML, etc.

Benefit from our expertise in these areas:

  • Development of XML-based concepts and solutions in technical documentation
  • XML DTD/schema development
  • Programming of XML applications (XSL, XSLT, XSL-FO)
  • Process-controlled automation for PDF creation (documentation, catalogues, reports, etc.)
  • Specific conversions from XML into Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign

XPLM WordGenerator

For a standardized and automated conversion from XML data into Microsoft Word, we have developed the XPLM WordGenerator. This solution is flexible in use and can easily be integrated into existing publishing processes.

Spare parts solutions by door2solution

XPLM is a long-term partner of door2solution. The company offers standard software solutions and consulting services in the field of electronic spare parts catalogs, e-commerce and shop-solutions in the area of spare parts management.