It is not unusual, that an IT System sometimes needs to be replaced. It might be that: the functionality can no longer be upgraded; the system landscape needs to be harmonized, or that the manufacturer has updated it so that it is no longer compatible with your needs. In all cases, old data needs to be transferred, and sometimes converted into a new system ready to be used.

XPLM works closely with the company Elysium, in order to ensure the efficient migration to a new system. At the heart of this operation, is the conversion of CAD data and the migration of meta-data and documents from the old PLM system into a new one.

One of the most common migration problems is found in the optimal conversion of CAD files, as one is dependent on the use of old, high-quality data sources, which are not always available. 

In order to minimize the manual work required in a migration project, and to manage the migration costs effectively, it is necessary to build a tool chain.

Firstly, geometric- and meta-data are automatically exported out of the source system (CAD or PLM), using the XPLM Bulkloader. Following this, the data is converted, including the conversion of parameters, data-mapping, data validation, as well as the targeted management of the conversion process and safety measures. Lastly, the new PLM system is imported, ensuring the quality of the data and that models and metadata are repaired. XPLM uses a variety of tools to complete this process.

Data migration tools

  • Geometric-data converter: CADfeature, Asfalis
  • Meta-data converter: Script, XSLT
  • Product -data analyser: IPpro
  • Data Export/Import: XPLM Bulkloader, DataLoad, UG-Import/UG-CLone
  • Quality management: CADdoctor
  • Data qualification: XPLM Bulkloader