The integration of IT systems with each other, is an important task for any modern IT business. Without the automatic synchronization or linking of information between different IT systems, it is impossible to minimize unnecessary manual work processes. It is particularly important, that simple point to point interfaces are not the only method of integration. Instead the re-use of essential components and a minimum level of standard integration should be employed.    

Metaphorically speaking, people use a variety of IT systems that all speak a different language. Instead of always having to switch between, or translate the other languages manually, it is our aim to ensure every system speaks the same language (for example, Latin).

In order to do this, a "translation" between the API specification format and the XPLM standard data format must be written, to avoid having to manually translate each request - creating more efficiency than could be achieved by an in-house integration solution.  

With the XPLM Integration Platform, XPLM offers a unique software solution, that has long been established in many existing customer projects.  The idea behind the Platform is to neutralize the existing API data formats, and with the help of a bespoke data format, create a standard with which different IT systems can be linked. The Program can therefore be used to integrate a multitude of authoring systems with established PLM systems, including, amongst others, MCAD and ECAD/EDA.