Free webinar on March 23, 2021

Achieve a new level of data transparency

Information is typically organized by internal departments within a company. Development, purchasing, manufacturing, customer service, and other departments require different information to do their jobs, which is located in many separate data systems. As the amount and variety of information increases, the silos continue to grow.

What is needed is cross-departmental access to all the information in the enterprise to realize the full potential of each department.

Current status of cross-company collaboration

  • Manual access to different data systems
  • Time-consuming and tedious search for information
  • No linking of relevant data objects across system boundaries

With XSPHERE Federation

  • Access from your native working environment to data and processes from other data systems
  • System-neutral visualization and processing of information in real time
  • Linked data objects across system boundaries

Our Solution - XSPHERE

XSPHERE Federation enables information from connected systems to be linked without having to copy or synchronize data. A cross table links these objects. This enables engineers to collaborate in the development process across system boundaries, as well as a sustainable, version-safe link between baselines of individual systems to form an overall configuration.

  • ​Stay in your native work environment and access data and processes from other applications as if they were part of your native application
  • Search your native system for relevant information and data in other departments' systems to focus on getting work done, rather than validating data from other systems
  • Benefit from not having to change data models because the data from the source system is linked by reference and leverages the security of native data objects
  • Data is made available at the right time and in the context you require
  • Receive a message in case of changes in connected applications

You recognize​ yourself here? Then you should not miss this webinar!

  • Would your colleagues from different engineering disciplines like to share relevant information with you, but don't know how?
  • Would you like to better assess the impact of your engineering work on other departments using different tools?
  • Do you find it difficult to get the right information that is relevant to your engineering work?

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