On the safe side in the Siemens world with XPLM solutions


We have been integrating, converting and migrating applications and data in the Siemens world for over 20 years. As a preferred Siemens partner, we use certified tools.


XPLM direct integrations: Working hand in hand to create marketable products faster


Regardless of the requirements your engineers have when it comes to ensuring the best possible cross-domain collaboration in Siemens Teamcenter, we as a strategic Siemens partner have exactly the tool you need.


Single Source of Truth? XSPHERE goes one better!


Do you need data from other systems? XSPHERE makes it possible for you to access this data directly from your base system. Read, edit and track the data in your system without having to copy or synchronize it first – audited, quick and lean. See how XSPHERE works in our video.


CAD/Aras integrations for open source PLM applications


Our direct integrations link all widely used development and simulation tools to the Aras Innovator platform.


XPLM CAD/Windchill direct integration


The functions we provide for integrating CAD tools directly in PTC Windchill give your developers more time for what is important, especially in the fields of electrics and electronics.


Arena PLM moves Solidworks PDM Professional to the cloud


The PLM data provided by Arena PLM is made available anywhere and anytime to anyone involved in the extended supply chain – be it on a stationary or mobile device. Automated, rule-based processes move the development data from SOLIDWORKS PDM to the highly-available, secure cloud.


End-to-end PLM thanks to SAP ECTR/CAD integrations


The SAP ECTR integrations merge all the innovation domains in SAP PLM into a single integrated product development process. Synchronized development data and processes avoid later time- and cost-intensive adaptations.