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Take advantage of digitalisation opportunities

In order to meet requirements in times of Industry 4.0, companies must quickly adapt to the changing circumstances and, in just a short time, re-define their processes and set up agile working methods.

Every day, employees need information from areas outside their own field and from systems that they cannot access directly. But this information often forms the basis they need to complete their tasks in full or to make informed decisions.

As a result of the digital transformation, companies must ask themselves the following questions:

  • Which software is used in the company and how is it integrated into the existing business process?
  • Is all data that is relevant to the product development process managed optimally in real time, or is there a decentralised data management system with several data silos?
  • Are the existing solutions suitable for supporting strategic decision-making at the management level?

The solution: easy access to context-relevant information

Federal information systems eliminate such information silos by enabling access to other applications across different system architectures and platforms. Transacted processes that are integrated in this way increase the process quality along the entire value chain.

In just a few clicks, no-code platforms like XSPHERE improve every business process across domains, functions, and organisations.

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