Connecting Cadence OrCAD with PTC Windchill

02/20/2019 at 2pm (EST), 8pm (CET)

Don’t Let Your Design Data Manage You: How to Make PCB Design Data Management an Inherent Part of Your Design Process.

With the mounting pressure engineers face to make everything ‘better, faster, cheaper, smaller’ in less time, managing your design data can seem like the least of your concerns. However, data management issues can sink a project just as fast as any design flaw. Effectively managing your design data is a critical piece to ensuring overall project success. Don’t learn through trial-and-error, get critical design data management tips and best practices from the experts at EMA and XPLM.


  • Why PCB design data management is key to sustained design success
  • Common issues and points of failure as well as how to identify and overcome them
  • How to ensure BOM, Design, and Part data are always up-to-date and in-sync
  • Why connecting your data to the rest of the organization is important
  • How to easily and effectively manage your design data directly inside your CAD environment
  • How automated data exchange processes eliminate sources of error and save engineering time

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Who should take part?

  • PLM Administrators
  • PLM Program Managers
  • ECAD Engineers
  • Product Owners/Product Managers
  • Interested persons




  • Mark Caradonna, Director Sales and Business Developmemt at XPLM
  • Jeff Imes, Application Engineer at EMA Design Automation

Watch the recording