Oracle Agile PLM - Best Practices for Engineering Collaboration

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The Oracle Agile PLM module, Engineering Collaboration, is essential for managing important CAD design information.  The Agile EC connector, should be implemented by a company with a strong knowledge in CAD tools and engineering process.  Over the past few years XPLM has found companies where EC is not optimized for the business needs. Leaving both the end users and those in charge frustrated.  This may be because of new developments in latest releases, or possibly through a lack of understanding of how to configure Agile EC, to make the most of its capabilities.   XPLM, Oracle´s preferred CAD integration partner and service provider, will demonstrate the most important aspects of a best practice EC implementation and how to solve major implementation issues.

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Who should take part?

  • PLM Administrators
  • CAD Administrators
  • CAD Users
  • Development Engineers
  • Product Owners/Product Managers
  • Interested persons




  • David Turcotte, General Manager, XPLM, Inc.
  • Lauri Morris, Implementation Engineer, XPLM, Inc.

Register to watch the recorded webinar here!