xPLM’s CPO Statement October 2012

xPLM Solution commits to implement the requirements and criteria formulated in the Code of PLM Openness (CPO Version 1.0). CPO is an initiative of the ProSTEP iViP e. V. for gaining a common understanding on openness of IT systems in the context of PLM.

Full report: see PDF.

J2xPLM Integration Platform 2.0
xPLM Solution’s J2xPLM Integration Platform provides highly qualified CAD and PDM connectors. The J2xPLM Integration Platform supports integration with MS-Office, PDM/PLM, MCAD, ECAD, ERP, VR/DMU, ECAD and Data Exchange applications. J2xPLM Integration Platform provides a toolkit and documented user exits. This development environment enables customers and development partners to enhance and customize their integration solution.

About xPLM Solution
xPLM Solution with headquarters in Dresden develops integration solutions between industry leading CAD, PLM and ERP systems and provides deployment and support services to the PLM industry. xPLM Solution brings with them about 300 years of accumulated professional experience in the PLM market.

Karl “Charly” Wachtel
xPLM Solution GmbH
Devrientstr. 5
01067 Dresden, GERMANY
E-Mail: karl.wachtel@xplm.com