New Career started at XPLM after Jobtour

A Ludwigshafen student begins his career track at XPLM in Viernheim

As part of the STAIR project (Study, work and integration in the Rhein region), XPLM took part, as a potential employer, in a Job Tour. STAIR is a joint initiative from the Worms and Ludwigshafen Higher Education Institutes and the University of Koblenz-Landau, with the aim of integrating international students into the regional employment market. XPLM was one of two companies who gave Computer Science, Applied Computer Science and Business Information Systems (BIS) students the chance to get to know their businesses.

One of the Job Tour participants was Loic Jospin Yondjeu from the Ludwigshafen Higher Education Institute. The 21 year old student from Cameroon studies Business Information Systems and has already gained some work experience in customer service and informatics consultancy in a number of companies in his own country. His areas of expertise include programming using different programming languages and Software Engineering.

During his visit at XPLM, Yondjeu showed active interest in the presentations made by the company directors and asked many subject-specific questions. Patrick Storelli, Manager Human Resources for XPLM, shared with the students that a number of positions at the firm were vacant, including: a working student, Software-Developer, PLM Project Engineers and Consultants. Yondjeu applied for an apprenticeship at XPLM and was so impressive that he is now working as a working student in the Viernheim office. XPLM would also like to offer him a permanent position, once he has successfully finished his studies.