XPLM and VPE on the NoMagic World Symposium 2016

22th May – 25th May, 2016, in Allen, Texas

Viernheim/Kaiserslautern – The chair of “Virtual Production Development” (VPE) at Kaiserslautern University, XPLM and XPLM’s partner and PLM provider ARAS will present the joint integration between Cameo Systems Modeler and Aras PLM at the NoMagic World Symposium in Allen, Texas. The conference will cover areas like Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), enterprise architecture and integration, business process modeling and other technologies, as well as how these solutions work together to improve collaboration and ensure project success.

Michael Pfenning (XPLM) and Pawel Chadzynski (ARAS) will give a lecture on “MBSE and the Business of Engineering”. In addition it is possible to see a life-demo of the integration at the ARAS booth.

There is an ongoing discussion about the integration of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and PLM without finding solutions for the application. The basic functionality of such an integration can be shown with the demonstrator for an integration between Cameo Systems Modeler (former MagicDraw) and the PLM System ARAS Innovator. The integration’s target is to show that it is not only possible to access PLM and CAD-data for the system modeler, but also to integrate the system modelling from an IT perspective into those general engineering processes. 


You can find more about the NoMagic World Symposium on: nmws2016.com