SolidWorks SAP PLM Integration in Action

Dresden University of Technology selected J2xPLM Integration Platform and SolidWorks SAP

“We selected xPLM Solution’s J2xPLM Integration Platform and SolidWorks integration after an extensive
benchmark to build a CAD, Virtual Reality and mySAP PLM integration.” – Prof. Dr. Ralph H. Stelzer,
Mechanical Engineering Institute, Dresden University of Technology. Prof. Stelzer’s Institute at TU Dresden has deployed over 800 named users and are executing up to 180 simultaneous load/save/check in/check out operations of CAD assemblies. The Institute can now effectively and efficiently manage complex CAD structures with more than 1,000 parts, have simultaneous usage of CAD and Virtual Reality applications and can visualize changes from SolidWorks immediately.

Prof. Dr. Stelzer also reports, “The J2xPLM Integration Platform is very robust, very flexible and easy to
customize and no student specific training is required for the SolidWorks integration.” Further more, they have achieved improved engineering design work in particular with complex structures and kinematics.

J2xPLM Integration Platform
xPLM Solution’s J2xPLM Integration Platform delivers CAD integration and flexible deployment options to
support engineering best practices! The J2xPLM Integration Platform leverages SAP NetWeaver™ technology with xPLM Solutions’ expertise in CAD, PLM, and ERP integrations to provide robust, flexible, configurable and service-oriented CAx integrations. Integrations can be deployed in a direct mode using SAP GUI or an indirect mode using the SAP NetWeaver Application Server. Both modes provide full access to all SAP PLM objects via BAPI™ technology and allow deep integrations with the major objects, structures, and functions of the CAx application. All integration solutions are built upon a common integration platform with system-specific connectors. The J2xPLM integration platform consists of components and basic services, which are required for system integration. In addition, required processes are provided to support specific integration interaction and data exchange between the targeted systems. A configuration tool allows for the customization of processes and data models. J2xPLM connectors provide the system specific adapters to access the respective applications
based on standard application interfaces and integration technologies of the system providers.

About xPLM Solution
xPLM Solution with headquarters in Dresden, Germany, specializes in providing integration solutions and deployment services to the PLM industry. For more than 20 years, the xPLM team has been at the forefront of developing and deploying optimal integrations of leading CAD, PLM and ERP systems. The management team and engineering staff of xPLM Solution brings with them more than 250 years of accumulated professional experience in the PLM market. The specialized knowledge and experience defining and configuring PLM based processes of complex engineering environments define xPLM Solution's core competency.

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