From September onwards, XPLM headquarters is at a new location

At September 14th XPLM’s Headquarter moves into new premises

In September 2015, the research and development facility and headquarter of the XPLM Solution GmbH moves into the Altmarkt-Galerie, in the heart of the historic district of Dresden.  The relocation into new premises after 10 years is the logical conclusion out of the continuous growth of the location and the constant increasing customer base.

The new business facilities in the city center meet all the requirements of modern infrastructure and offer up-to-date and fashionable office equipment to employees and visitors. The enlarged and modified office area, according to XPLM preferences, provides excellent opportunities for customer visits and other future events in an advanced atmosphere.

With the effective date of the 14th of September 2015 the new address of the XPLM Solution GmbH is:

XPLM Solution GmbH
Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden
Altmarkt 25
01067 Dresden