Cooperation between XPLM, Elysium and :em AG

The commercial partnership between Elysium and XPLM and the associated team of excellence for PLM and CAD data migration is extended by the know-how of :em engineering methods AG to consult and support CAD data translation and migration.

With this partnership and the corresponding extensive expertise, a team of experts will be of assistance for customers and interested parties concerning the migration of PLM and CAD data. Elysium is the leading supplier of 3D translation and geometry optimization technology; :em engineering methods AG  is specialized in CAD method development for preparation and quality assurance of CAD data in translation and XPLM is a neutral provider of miscellaneous integrations between PLM and CAD systems.

This competence team enables translation of different PLM or CAD source systems into other PLM or CAD target systems. The whole spectrum starting with training, over data dissemination, analysis, repair, translation up to migration can be covered perfectly with this cooperation.

About :em AG

:em engineering methods AG,:em AG for short, develops and introduces innovative methods for virtual product development. As an independent integrator of IT systems, :em AG offers a comprehensive range of services for OEM, suppliers and engineering service providers. The :em AG´s employees possess extensive, cross-industry experience in planning and executing projects in Mechanical & Plant Engineering, Automotive OEM and Supplier, Aerospace, as well as Consumer Goods, thereby guaranteeing successful project results. You can find more about :em AG on  www.em.ag.