PLM Consultant Michael Pfenning has been elected Co-Chair of ManTIS Group

Michael Pfenning, PLM Consultant at XPLM has been elected Co-Chairman of ManTIS Group in Reston, Virginia (US).

Michael Pfenning has been elected Co-Chairman of ManTIS Group at the annual OMG (Object Management Group) Technical Meeting on Monday, the 23rd of March. This year the OMG Technical Meeting took place from the 23rd to 28th of March in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston, VA (US). The event offers experts, like IT architects, business analysts, government experts, vendors and end-users a major opportunity for mutual exchange on important technical and scientific questions.

The Object Management Group (OMG) acts as an open Industry Consortium; a group that now includes about 800 companies. The OMG concentrates on the specification of manufacturer- and platform-independent standards. These standards are intended to contribute to optimize the interoperability and portability of software systems.

ManTIS acts as a Task Force within the OMG and is working on standardizations for the manufacturing industry. In the past, ManTIS has mainly been working on standards for PDM and PLM - including PDM enablers and PLM services.

In his role as Co-Chair of ManTIS group Michael Pfenning will now be working on the development of a standard on MBSE/PLM integration. Furthermore, XPLM wants to exert influence on SysML 2.0 to ensure the manageability and process reliability in Model-Based Systems Engineering.