XPLM GTC and 3rd Party License Requirements

GTC - General Terms and Conditions

Use of the product requires acceptance of XPLM's Software Use and Maintance Agreement.

3rd Party License Requirements

PLM - CATIA V5 Integration

PLM - CATIA V5 integrations are offered as a customer specific project only. Please contact us at marketing@xplm.com.

PLM - SOLIDWORKS Integration

PLM – SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Electrical integrations must fulfill the following End User prerequisites: Integration requires a SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API which can be requested by the licensor.

PLM - Pulsonix Integration

PLM – Pulsonix integration requires licenses for the Pulsonix interface PLM Enabler (PSX-PLM) and PLM Client (PSX-PLMCLIENT) which can be requested by the licensor.