Aras Innovator MCAD Integration

Intelligently manage H2MCAD data and link it to other engineering data

Unlike EDM systems, PLM systems are able to record and merge product development process (PEP) data from different tools and sources. Aras Innovator therefore offers manufacturers two essential added values:

  • Link your mechanical design data with all other engineering data
  • To organize and control engineering processes across domains.

The basis for the digital twin and the development of a digital, agile value-added network with shorter innovation processes that run safely and transparently at reduced costs.

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Control data from the MCAD environment and designing networked value creation

Mechanical designers do not need to be familiar with Aras Innovator itself in order to efficiently manage their data there. For this purpose, the MCAD-PLM integration is embedded as a plugin in the interface of their familiar working environment. Numerous functions make the management of engineering data and processes very convenient.

For example, a quick search, the display of metadata or the built-in configuration management support them in loading data quickly. Downloads can be minimized and their properties updated during the download.

When saving, the individually defined data model and data in neutral format are generated before they are saved together with the native CAD model with the required structure and concurrent engineering is activated, if needed. In all actions, the CAD model remains linked to its corresponding part.

The user decides on a case-by-case basis whether the parts list is derived from the 3D model or from drawing tables. Items from the parts list can be excluded or new ones added manually before saving in Aras Innovator.

Parts and parts lists can be controlled via configurations and the toolbox helps to efficiently manage standard parts and control them via workflows.

Download our platform matrix with detailed information about the software versions. As well as our Aras Innovator booklet.

Functionalities of the Aras CAD Integration Platform

  •  Icon_PLM-Objekte_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Creating new PLM objects directly from the CAD environment
  • Icon_Suchen_bestehender_PLM-Objekte_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Extensive search functions
  • Icon_Oeffnen__Auschecken_und_Einchecken_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Check-in and check-out functions
  • Bidirectional synchronization
    Automated transfer of parameters
  • Icon_Freigeben_und_Aendern_unter_Verwendung_existierender_PLM-Workflows
    Release and change using existing PLM workflows
  • Batchgesteuertes Konvertieren von Daten-Massenänderungen
    On-demand or batch synchronization
  • Icon_Erstellen_Vergleichen_und_Aktualisieren_von_Stuecklisten
    Create, compare and update BOM
  •  Icon_Erzeugen_von_Ausgabedaten_und_automatische_Ablage_in_PLM
    Generation of output data and automatic storage in PLM