Additional Aras Innovator Integrations

Build competitive advantage with a digital value-added network

Aras' broad integration portfolio allows manufacturers to link all product-related data from the idea to the loading dock and bring transparency to the connections. They can organise and control their innovation processes horizontally and vertically across organizations and systems.

This opens up new opportunities to close existing gaps in the digital thread, bring products to market faster and generate new sales through data-driven services. In addition, a comprehensively digitized product development process (PEP) makes it easier to meet the requirements of laws, regulations and specifications from compliance and quality management.

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Eliminate silos to reduce product development effort

Networked working means moving away from silo mentality and towards e.g. a profitable ecosystem profitable ecosystem that enables the teams in development, procurement, IT and production to react flexibly to changing market requirements and to act in a customer-oriented manner across the company.

Integrated, mechatronic product development, for example, can only be set up with software support, in which teams share their information in a simple way in order to make smart decisions together or just for their area.

In addition to integration for multi-CAD data management in Aras Innovator, other solutions allow data exchange or linking their own data with information in systems such as change and requirements management, simulations and SysML as well as software lifecycle management (ALM) and quality management, etc.

Thanks to modern technologies, such a connected engineering landscape can easily be built in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment where connected devices, systems and people are distributed across the globe. They are easy to manage and adapt to a changing environment.

Download our platform matrix with detailed information about the software versions. As well as our Aras Innovator booklet.

Functionalities of the Aras CAD Integration Platform

  •  Icon_PLM-Objekte_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Creating new PLM objects directly from the CAD environment
  • Icon_Suchen_bestehender_PLM-Objekte_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Extensive search functions
  • Icon_Oeffnen__Auschecken_und_Einchecken_direkt_aus_der_ECAD-Umgebung
    Check-in and check-out functions
  • Bidirectional synchronization
    Automated transfer of parameters
  • Icon_Freigeben_und_Aendern_unter_Verwendung_existierender_PLM-Workflows
    Release and change using existing PLM workflows
  • Batchgesteuertes Konvertieren von Daten-Massenänderungen
    On-demand or batch synchronization
  • Icon_Erstellen_Vergleichen_und_Aktualisieren_von_Stuecklisten
    Create, compare and update BOM
  •  Icon_Erzeugen_von_Ausgabedaten_und_automatische_Ablage_in_PLM
    Generation of output data and automatic storage in PLM