XPLM Solution for OSI Systems

OSI Systems Image

"We are very happy with the availability and competence of XPLM. They supported us whenever we needed them."

Sean Pypers, IT Project Manager

The Challenge

The Improvement of the engineering efficiency with a  successful integration of Oracle Agile A9 to SOLIDWORKS. 

Project Phase

XPLM created and applied custom code to update CAD file  naming sequences to capture additional values and to allow  for FEA analysis files to be uploaded to A9 during saving. XPLM also provided EC solution to meet the businesses  current and future practices and training in the solution to the relevant engineers at OSI systems.

Customer Benefits

XPLM's integration exceeded OSI Solutions expectations by greatly reducing the time needed for and errors made in the product development cycle. Although it is difficult to quantify the financial gains from the solution, it has saved the engineers time and made their work more efficient. The process of implementation was made easier, despite the project challenges, by having a fixed XPLM contact who was always available when needed.

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